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EDUCATIONMitra did the good experiment. He saw that high motivation help achieve a goal and by using computers students acquire knowledge without a teacher and without attending a local school. Maybe in the future, we'll look up information in our gadget and will no point in learning so many things by heart. It seems great but what differents between people and animals? We can think, study, discover smth new. I honestly think that school in the cloud will find support in the community because won't matter how rich or poor people, can engage and connect with information and mentoring online. So there is no point in backing to basics.   It's a pity when government try to create a perfect system of the education but smth go wrong. To grasp the importance oftruancy the speaker give us a statistic that 80% of student play truant, they consider that study for them is a tedious task. Every child is gifted, have some a natural talent for math or writing and needs an individual appr…

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